Ariane de Morsier-Ducry

Ariane de Morsier-Ducry




Ariane de Morsier-Ducry advises and represents both individuals and companies, notably in civil proceedings. 

Her areas of expertise are labour law, gender equality and adult and child protection.

She benefits from a solid experience in the Geneva Courts, having worked for many years, namely in the Court of Adult and Child Protection (2018 to 2020) and the Labour Court (2011 to 2018), where she held the position of gender equality respondent in 2017. 

She joined our law firm in 2020. 

Since 2018, in addition to her position as a lawyer, Ariane de Morsier-Ducry presides as a Conciliation judge at the Geneva Labour Court.  

She has a strong knowledge of the aviation sector, having worked for the legal service of Geneva airport from 2002 to 2011. 

Ariane de Morsier-Ducry has also been training judges and presidents of the Geneva Labour Court since 2012.

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