Aubert, Spinedi, Street & Associés

Aubert, Spinedi, Street & Partners is a law firm based in Geneva. It has three partners, two associates, one trainee and two assistants.

The firm, composed of general practitioners, offers mainly business and personal advisory services as well as representation in legal proceedings.

Advice is given in the areas of company law, commercial law, banking law, tenancy law, labour law, tax law, inheritance law, arbitration and criminal law.

The firm’s lawyers represent the interests of their clients in civil administrative or criminal proceedings, in particular before the Court of First Instance, the Leases and Rents Tribunal and the Labour Court, arbitration tribunals, as well as before any appeal authority.

our team

Patrick Spinedi


Stephen Street


David Aubert

David Aubert


Ariane de Morsier-Ducry


Tatiana Do Sul

Tatiano Do Sul


Aline Boitelle-Petermann​


Loïs Pelfini


The lawyers of the firm have substantial experience as members of the Geneva Bar but also having held positions with Geneva institutions notably banking institutions, which gives them insight into the practical issues their clients are confronted with. 

They are therefore able to help their client’s define their personal or business strategy

They can also offer advice in the field of investing or human resources.

Our firm practices mainly in French and English with capabilities in Spanish, Italian or German.


You can find us here

2 Rue Saint-Léger
T: +41 22 307 17 17
F: +41 22 307 17 18

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